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Renewed pipes for Pretoria West Hospital

Pretoria West Hospital is a state hospital in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. Leaks from the corroded cast iron storm water downpipes, encased in the building’s structural columns, were causing extensive water damage to the building

The damaged system consists of 23 cast iron full bores feeding vertical storm water stacks running from the roof to the ground floor. The stacks are encased in structural columns.

The integrity of the vertical cast iron stacks was seriously compromised by corrosion and major leaks. Replacement of the stacks by conventional means would require extensive structural work because the pipes are built into the building’s columns and was simply not an option.

Replacing the pipes was a completely unviable option as the roof slab and walls would need to be cut open in multiple places to access the failing pipes. The only two options were to reroute, which is very time consuming or reline which was completed in less than a month.


Nu Flow’s unique technology is the most cost effective solution in this situation. Using specialised micro-cutter cleaning machine and purpose designed cleaning heads Nu Flow technicians cleaned and de-scaled the inside of the damage pipes returning them to their original diameter.

Made to measure epoxy saturated structural liners were then winched into the pipes. Within the liner is a rubber bladder. Once the liner is in position the bladder is inflated and the epoxy left to cure. Once cured, the bladder was removed leaving a “new pipe” within the host pipe. No more leaks and no more water damage.

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