Protea hotel: Breakwater lodge, Cape Town University of Business

Protea hotel: Breakwater lodge, Cape Town University of Business, Western Cape.

Nu FLow arrived on site to find four down pipes that were severely corroded and rusted causing pieces of the pipe to fall away. This left an open hole on these pipes and water would flood into the corridors of the school.

This institute is a Business school by day and a hotel by night, this means that traditional plumbing was not an option as the noise would be excessive, and closing the hotel for that period of time would cost the company a large sum.

Nu FLow used the Nuflow pull-in-place lining system to reline these pipes without disturbing the peace. Nu FLow used an epoxy coating to line over these holes in the pipe creating a perfect flow into the drainage system. No more flooding, No more water damage. All this was done without the students even knowing Nu FLow were there!

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