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Nu Flow lines at Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu Sandton is an upscale international full service hotel in the heart of the city’s business district.

The 8th-floor swimming pool with sun deck and views of the city skyline was experiencing water loss from leaks on the suction line.

A traditional pipe replacement was certainly not an option for the hotel.

The swimming pool pipes are embedded in concrete, on the 8th floor of the hotel and the concrete is covered with wooden decking. Imagine the mess, noise and time involved in a pipe replacement.

Radisson Blu turned to Nu Flow for a faster, cleaner and less disruptive solution.

Nu Flow relined the swimming pool pipes with an epoxy coating sealing the leaking points on the pipe network.

How it works:
The pipes are first tested for leaks by means of a pressure test.

An abrading agent is air-blasted through the pipes to clean the interior and prepare the surface for the epoxy coating.

The epoxy is air-blasted through the pipe network coating the pipe interior and sealing any leaks.

Once the epoxy has cured the pipes are recommissioned to use.

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