Re-lining at Compass Waste Services Office Block

Compass Waste Services, Westville, Durban.

There was evidence of water seepage in Compass Waste Services’ offices. Ganga Plumbers were called in to do a leak detection and CCTV camera survey which revealed that the PVC pipe was cracked and the pipe had multiple displacements at the joints. The 110mm sewer PVC pipe runs from the upper car park, through and under the main office and exits at the bottom car park. Replacing the pipe was not an option as this will mean that the floor , wall and slab would have to be broken into to lay out a new line.

Compass Waste Services turned to Nu Flow for a better solution.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee re-lined the pipe with Nu flows pull-in-place structural liners. Ganga Plumbers re-lined the pipe working from existing access points without having to interfere with the landscape or the office flooring or cause any structural damage to the building.

No Damage to structures, No Digging, No mess!
The end result is a “Nu Pipe” within the old pipe.

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