Rennie Renewal

Rennie House, an 18 storey mixed tenant high-rise in Johannesburg, was experiencing water damage from leaking cast iron sewer stacks. The building accommodates both business premises and residential apartments

Six cast iron sewer stacks 110mm diameter each 55 metres long.

Because of the height of the building the task of replacing the damaged pipes by conventional means would have taken months of labour and would have been very costly to complete. However, the water damage the building was experiencing mandated that the problem had to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Business tenants occupy the first 14 storeys of the building with residential tenants on the top four storeys. The tenants have common sewer stacks allowing only a very small time window each day (between midnight and four in the morning) when work on the system could be performed.

Nu Flow provided the perfect solution to the managers of Rennie House, Liberty Properties. The Nu Flow solution creates a brand new continuous pipe within the original damaged pipe.

Before relining the stacks were cleaned and de-scaled using the Nu Flow micro cutter and tungsten carbide cleaning balls. Once cleaned and camera inspected to assess damage levels Nu Flow’s skilled technicians used existing access points at each end of each stack to pull the new epoxy saturated linings into position where they were inflated and allowed to cure.

Once the epoxy had cured the inflation bladder was removed leaving behind a perfect, 55metre pipe in-side the damaged original. This new pipe has an expected life span of more than 50 years and carries a 10-year warrantee. Once again, Nu Flow has proven itself an elegant and cost effective solution for aging buildings with failing plumbing systems. All with minimal disruption for tenants, completed in weeks rather than months

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