Nu Flow re-lines broken earthenware pipe at Richmond Place

Richmond Place, Gauteng Province, South Africa

The 50 year old block of flats had an earthenware sewerage pipe running under one of the flats that was broken.

Richmond Place had previously called plumbers to try and solve the problem. The plumbers dug down to the pipe, but they did not know exactly where the problem lay. As a result they excavated 14 meters of pipe destroying the flat above. One of the plumbers heard of Nu Flow and decided to give pipe re-lining a try.

Nu Flow first located the damaged part of the pipe using a pipe inspection camera. Once the problem area was identified, Nu Flow used their pull-in-place structural liners to re-line the broken pipe without having to cause further damage to the apartments.

The residents of the house were able to continue with their daily activities while the pipe was been re-lined.

No damage to structures, no mess, no disturbance!
The end result is a new pipe with in the original pipe.

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