Re-lining at River Lodge Farm

River Lodge Farm, Muldersdrift, Gauteng.

Mobile Leak Detection was first called in due to a leak in one of the farmsteads basement laundries. After replacing the leaking pipe Mobile Leak Detection was called in again due to other leaks in the structure.

The owner became tired of having to continually chop open the farmstead’s walls to replace the pipes and then need to patch up the damage.

The owner decided to get the pipes re-lined and have the problem solved once and for all.

Mobile Leak Detection, a Nu Flow Licensee, re-lined the entire structure’s copper pipes with Nu Flow’s epoxy coating with out having to cause any damage to the structure. The job included three bathrooms, a kitchen and a basement laundry.

The job took Mobile Leak Detection a fraction of the time that replacing the pipes would have taken. The job was expected to take 4 days, but was completed in 3 days.

The end result is a re-lined pipe, repaired from the inside.
No Mess, no chopping open, no damage to structures!

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