No more floods at Riverside Mall

Riverside Mall, Nelspruit

Riverside Mall was experiencing problems with two 160mm earthenware sewer pipes, which run under the Shopping Centre.  The pipes had cracks and broken sections which were causing continuous blockages. Replacing the 220 meters of piping was simply not an option as this would mean major disruption to the Shopping Centre over an extended period of time and would affect multiple shop stores. Riverside Mall turned to Nu Flow for a noninvasive, nondestructive, fast solution.


The least disruptive solution for the mall was to reline the earthenware pipes at night when the mall was closed thereby causing absolutely no disruptions to the malls day-to-day operations. Nu Flow technicians relined the sewer line with Nu Flow’s structural lining technology. Epoxy saturated liners were pulled into the pipes. Within the liners is a rubber bladder which was inflated when the liners were in position.

The bladders were left inflated until the epoxy had cured. Once the epoxy had cured, the bladders were removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe.

The relining was done working from existing manholes thereby causing absolutely no disruption and damage to the mall. The job took Nu Flow 7 days to complete, a fraction of the time a traditional pipe replacement would take.

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