Relining on the Sa Agulhas II

SA Agulhas II We were called out to the SA Agulhas II by one of the largest naval engineering companies in SA as they were suffering from contamination of sea water samples that move through the stainless steel pipework from the engine room into the labs for testing.

Lagged 50mm stainless steel piping that circulate through 5 levels of the ship suck seawater through a 160mm steel pipe from the hull into a pumping system that send it to a steel manifold in the testing labs to draw off a scientists need it for sampling

The sea water was leaching contaminants from the inside of the stainless steel piping and compromising the lab samples – this was a huge problem as this is a research vessel and water samples are a huge part of the expeditions, the vessel was also booked to leave port within a week of us being called out to attend to the issue.

Nu FLow was called in to install both lining systems to combat this problem. We blew the red barrier coating though out the 50mm steel system from the engine room into the labs as well as using the red potable epoxy in a structural liner to line the main 160mm pumping line from the hull.

The entire project was completed over a 2 day period leaving enough time for the on site engineering crew to re assemble the system once we were done.

The vessel left days later and started testing the water as soon as they left South African waters. With great delight the on board scientists sent news to the main technical engineer, who called us out, to conrm the contamination issue had been resolved and that their research could continue.

All parties were we very pleased with Nu FLow quick and reliable response to a complicated situation on board such a prestigious South African research vessel.

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