Sanlam Business Park – Leaking Down Pipe

Sanlam Business Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

What do you do when your plumber tells you that the down pipe from the gutters are leaking and you need to chop open the wall in order to repair the pipe?

The thought of the mess, the inconvenience and the fact that there will always be a visible patch on the wall due to this exposing of the pipe, leads to you procrastinating whether to do the job or live with the unsightly paint pealing due to the damp not to mention the substrate being effected.

This is the situation Sanlam Business Park found themselves in. Their plumber called Nu Flow to assist with a better solution.

Nu Flow South Africa relined the down pipe with a Nu Flow epoxy structural liner. The problem was solved without chopping open the wall or causing any disruption to the daily working operations of the building and staff.

Nu Flow lined the pipe from the exit shoe.
No Mess, no chopping open, no damage to the building!

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