Nu Flow Re-lining at Sonnekus, Camps Bay

Sonnekus, Argyle Rd, Camps Bay, Western Cape

Nu FLow arrived on site to find that there was a 110mm sewerage pipe that was constantly causing blockages to a specific flat on the bottom floor. This pipe ran underneath a beautifully tiled floor and a wall that was essential to the buildings integrity. Cutting away the tiles and breaking the wall was not an option.

Nu FLow used the Nuflow pull-in-place lining system to re-line the problem pipe which would increase the flow rate and stop these blockages.
Nuflow did not need to damage the walls or the tiles whilst doing this repair. The result is a perfectly seamless pipe within a pipe and no more blockages.

The end result is a new pipe with-in the original pipe.

No Mess, no chopping open, damage to structures!

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