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Nu Flow re-lines at South Road Mews

South Road, Durban, KZN

The home was experiencing water seepage into the entertainment area due to a sewer pipe that was leaking. A CCTV camera inspection revealed that the 110mm PVC sewer pipe had displaced and had damaged joints. This pipe runs under the homes entertainment area.

The home owner did not want to have the pipe replaced using traditional methods as this would mean chopping open the floor, replacing the pipe and then patching up the damage. Imagine the time involved, the noise, the mess and the damage as well as the inconvenience of contractors in the home for weeks! The home owner turned to Nu Flow for a permanent solution.

Ganga Plumbers, a Nu Flow licensee, re-lined the pipe with Nu flows pull-in-place structural liner system working from existing access points thereby causing no disruption or structural damage to the home.

The end result is a new pipe with in the old pipe.
No Mess, no chopping open, no damage to structures

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