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Sun Central Entertainment Centre at Sun City

Sun Central Entertainment Centre at Sun City

Sun Central Entertainment Centre was experiencing problems with a 160mm Galvanized sewer pipe that was badly corroded and was leaking in the Entertainment Centre. The pipe runs under the building making a pipe replacement very difficult due to the time and disruptions involved. Sun City turned to Nu Flow for a non invasive solution.

Nu Flow first camera inspected the line to identify the problematic areas and determined how much piping would need lining. Nu Flow then cleaned the pipe and proceeded to reline 38 meters of pipe with Nu Flow’s structural lining technology. An epoxy saturated liner was pulled into the pipe. Within the liner is a rubber bladder which was inflated when the liner was in position.

The bladder was left inflated until the epoxy had cured. Once the epoxy had cured, the bladder was removed leaving behind a ‘nu pipe’ within the host pipe. The relining was done working from existing manholes thereby causing absolutely no disruption to the entertainment center. Guests were able to continue with their activities unaware that the pipe beneath their feet had been rehabilitated.

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