Sun City - Sun Terrace Restaurant

Nu Flow Relined Sun City –
Sun Terrace Restaurant

Sun City – Sun Terrace Restaurant

The Sun Terrace Restaurant, open seven days a week and seating up to 600 people under cover, is the main restaurant at the ‘family friendly’ Soho hotel in Sun City.

The very popular restaurant was experiencing problems with 8 cast iron floor drain pipes which were corroded and constantly blocking. The pipes run under the part of the restaurant, bar, kitchen and passageways.

A traditional pipe replacement was certainly not an option for the busy restaurant. The Terrace Restaurant turned to Nu Flow for a quicker, non-invasive solution.

Nu Flow relined all 8 pipes working from the floor drains and a manhole on the outside of the restaurant in a fraction of the time that a traditional pipe replacement would have taken.

The pipes were first cleaned using high pressure jetting.
Once the pipes were cleaned Nu Flow pulled an epoxy saturated liner into each pipe.

Within the liners are rubber bladder which are inflated when the liner is in the correct position and left inflated until the epoxy has cured and hardened. The bladder is then removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe.

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