Super Group Fire Line Remedial


Super Group Fire Line Remedial

Super Group is a leading transport logistics and mobility group providing end-to-end supply chain solutions, fleet management and dealership services to a diversified global customer base.

Nu Flow were called to investigate a 200mm fire line which was leaking.
The leaking section of pipe runs under the trucks loading bay. The loading bay is designed to take heavy weight and therefore 1.5 meter of thick reinforced concrete has been used under which the pipe runs. Replacing this pipe would not only be a costly exercise, but would cause major disruptions to the loading and off loading of the trucks.

Supergroup proud themselves on efficiency and therefore could not afford such disruptions to their day to day operations. A better solution was needed.

Nu Flow cleaned and relined the 200 meter fire line with nu flow’s red epoxy barrier coating.

How it works:
The pipes are first tested for leaks by means of a pressure test.

An braiding agent is air blasted through the pipes to clean the interior and prepare the surface for the epoxy coating.
The grit removes dirt and scale build up returning the pipe to its full diameter as well as creates an anchor tooth in the pipe which is essential for the epoxy to bind to and create a permanent bond.

The epoxy is air-blasted through the pipe network coating the pipe interior and sealing any leaks. On such large pipes we do a double coating. 6700 CFM of air was used to carry epoxy the entire distance of 200 meters from valve to valve.

Once the epoxy has cured the pipes are recommissioned to use.

A final pressure test was done to confirm that the pipe is no longer leaking.

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