Nu Flow Relined At The Pivot Hotel

The Pivot Hotel

The Hotel had three 110mm full bores blocked with concrete.

The water sitting in the blocked pipes was leaking trough the pipe joints into the building and causing water damage inside. One of the full bores was specifically a major issue as the pipe runs within the roof of the hotels server room.

Nu Flow were called to unblock and reline the full bores.

The Nu Flow micro cutter is a specialized cleaning machine predominantly used to descale steel pipes, and is often able to grind blocked pipes open especially in steel pipes where the host pipe does not break easily.

The full bores are PVC and when attempting to grind concrete out of PVC pipes the pipe usually gets damages. This is even mores the case on bends as the grinding tool eats through the pipe easier than the concrete.

On this project however the bends were accessible from inside the roof of the building. The full bore runs through the roof slab, then takes a 90 degree bend, which is accessible, then runs 1 meter through the wall to the stack.

Nu Flow were able to cut open the 90degree bend on each pipe and then unblock the 1 meter section of pipe towards the stack working from the cut open bend.

Nu Flow then relined the pipes from the full bore, round the bend up to the stack thereby sealing any leaking joints, damages sections of pipe and the section of pipe cut open on the bend.

The job took 2 days to complete.

No chopping open! No Mess!
No damage to the building!

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