Nu Flow re-lines at Tygerberg hospital

Location :
Tygerberg hospital, Stellenbosch university student department, Cape Town

Tygerberg medical museum had four 100mm cast iron storm water lines which were heavily corroded with disjointed pipe work causing the museum to flood every time it rains.

The pipes run through the structural pillars of the museum and morgue. Chopping open the columns to replace the pipes was not an option as this would have caused a lot of noise as well as down time to the building.

The morgue especially would have been heavily inconvenienced as dust would have covered all the cadavers and affected the medical students’ daily schedules.


Nu FLow re-lined the full bores on the roof causing absolutely no down time to any of the departments ensuring daily operations remained on track.

The result is a new pipe where there was no pipe bridging the gaps in the pipe work where water constantly penetrated the building.

No more flooding every time it rains!
No Mess, no chopping open, damage to structures!

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