UP Law Building down pipe renewal

The UP Law Building was experiencing water damage every time it rained.

A CCTV camera inspection revealed that 10 x 110mm and 2 x 160mm PVC storm water down pipes had shifted joints.

The pipes run from the roof on the 4th floor to the ground floor within the buildings walls and through floor slabs. Replacing the pipes would be a lengthly and costly exercise.

Nu Flow relined the 12 downpipes from top to bottom with our structural lining technology working from the full bores on the roof and the outlet at the bottom of the pipe thereby causing absolutely no damage to the building.

How it works:
An epoxy saturated liner is inserted into the pipe from the full bore and pulled into position from the pipe outlet.

With in the liner is an inflatable bladder.
When the liner is in the correct position the bladder is inflated and left inflated until the epoxy has cured.
Once the epoxy has hardened the bladder is removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe.

NO chopping open!
NO damage!
NO mess!

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