Nu Flow re-lines pipes at The Valley Of The Waves, the Lazy River

The Valley Of The Waves, Sun City, North West Province

At The Valley Of The Waves, The Lazy River had 10 meters of 150mm steel and PVC pipe that was leaking at the joints in two of the bends. The pipe lies beneath 1,5 meters of concrete and replacing the pipe was simply not a viable option. Sun City turned to Nu Flow instead.

Nu Flow first cleaned the pipe using Nu Flow’s unique Micro Cutter cleaning machine. Once the pipe was cleaned Nu Flow used pull-in-place structural liner to re-line the pipe.

Replacing the pipe would have taken weeks of work. The river bed, river wall and stonework would have been destroyed and would have to have been repaired detracting from its original integrity.

Nu Flow were able to re-line the pipe despite the pipe containing two 90 degree bends and one 45. Nu Flow were able to do the job in less than a day working from existing access points, causing no damage to The Lazy River’s beautiful stonework river walls.

No mess, no noise, no damage!
The end result is a “nu pipe” with-in the original pipe.

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