Sun City – Clam Shell water Feature

Sun City’s premier attraction, the Valley of the Waves, brings the fun of the sea to the middle of the country.

Sun City, Pilanesberg, North West Province, South Africa.

500mm cast iron pipe running from the pump room to the Valley of the Waves.

The cast iron pipe had developed a huge 400mm hole. The leaking section of the pipe was directly beneath the plant room.

In order to replace the pipe, part of the pump room would need to be chopped open to gain access to the pipe. But this was not the main concern. Replacing the 500mm pipe feeding The Valley of the Waves wave pool would mean that the wave pool would be unopperational for the duration of the replacement. This sort of down time on The Valley of the Waves main attraction was not an option. Sun City turned to Nu Flow for a far quicker, noninvasive solution.

Nu Flow made a custom 500mm liner for this job. The custom liner was installed without requiring any excavation work. The entire repair process took less than a day to complete.

No chopping open!
No Damage!
No Mess

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