Nu Flow relines Wahoo pool

Wahoo Pool, Sunning Hill, Gauteng

The Wahoo Pool was designed to the highest modern standards. The beautifully designed enclosing building maximizes a stunning view. The systems for the indoor pool use leading edge filtration and purification technologies for the safest, most comfortable, swimming experience. This beautiful pool is in constant use by swimmers from as young as 6 months to as old as can be.

There were leaks in the 125mm diameter circulation pipes for the swimming pool.

Continuous use of the Wahoo Pool meant that shutting down and draining the pool for extended periods to replace the leaking pipes by conventional means was not an option. Such a shut down would result in a massive loss of revenue because of contracts with nearby private schools and with members.


Nu Flow’s trenchless technology was the perfect solution to the pool owner’s dilemma. Nu Flow built a custom 125mm structural liner for the job. Sections of the pipe were relined using the blue structural liner technology. Because there were sections of the system with intricate bends and difficult access the structural lining could not be used throughout the system. To circumvent this problem Nu Flow relined the entire system with the potable red epoxy. This was a perfect marriage of both Nu Flow technologies to achieve a complete solution with minimal disruption to the continued operation of the pool.

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