Nu Flow relines at Wawiel Bridge

Customer and Site:
Sarel Cilliers bridge, Built in 1941 over the Vals River in Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa, also known locally as the Wawiel Bridge because of the resemblance to oxwagen wheels.

96 meters of 230mm steel potable water pipe suspended under the bridge.

During heavy rains the Vals River flooded and rose to a level above the bridge. A large object floated down the river and dented the pipe suspended under the bridge. Over time this dented section began to rust and eventually leak. When Nu Flow arrived on site there were multiple sections of the pipe that were leaking, the dented section being the worst.

A traditional pipe replacement would be complicated due to the pipe having been suspended under the bridge.

The customer turned to Nu Flow South Africa to take control of the situation and solve the problem.

Nu Flow first removed the bitumen lining inside the pipe. Once the pipe was cleaned of the bitumen lining, the pipe was relined with Nu Flow’s patented potable water epoxy creating a barrier coating inside the pipe sealing all leaks.

The end result is an epoxy coated pipe repaired from the inside.

No damage to the bridge!
No scaffolding and trusses!
No mess!

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