Relining pipe lines at Windhoek Country club

Windhoek Country Club, Windhoek, Namibia

The Windhoek Country Club Resort is a multi-use resort outside of Windhoek, Namibia owned by Legacy Hotels and Resorts International. The Hotel consists of 152 rooms, and a casino.

Over 100 full bores and storm water stacks were leaking causing water damage to the hotel and casino. The leaks in these pipes were due to a multitude of problems:

The country club was experiencing water damage due to these full bores and storm water stacks leaking. The pipes are all incased in the buildings walls making a traditional pipe replacement a completely unviable option. The roof slab and walls would need to be cut open in multiple places to access the failing pipes. The only two options were to reroute, which is very time consuming, or relining which was completed in less than a month.

The pipes were cleaned and the steel sections descaled using Nu Flow’s unique micro cutter with specialized cleaning heads to return the pipe to its full, original diameter. Using existing access points, technicians pulled the epoxy-saturated lines into place.

Once in place, the bladder was detaflniand the epoxy-saturated liner was left to cure and adhere to pipe walls, creating a new pipe within the existing system. This process saved Windhoek Country Club not only time and money, but saved them from destruction to existing infrastructure and disruption for their guests.

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