Nu Flow re-lines at Woolworths, Eastgate

Woolworths, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Gauteng


What is the cost of having to close a section of Woolworths for days?

What is the cost of chopping open a concrete slab, remove some air conditioning pipes and then replacing 2 sections of a leaking drain pipe?

But the costs don’t end here, the air con pipes would need to be reconnected and the damage to the floor patched up.

When the Woolworths at Eastgate Shopping Centre experienced water damage due to a leaking 110mm drain pipe, replacing the pipe wasn’t even considered.

After seen Nu Flow successfully re-lining Cape Town Fish Market in the shopping centre, Eastgate centre management turned straight to Nu Flow to solve Woolworths’ problem.

Nu Flow South Africa re-lined 2 sections of pipe with Nu Flow pull-in-place structural liners working from existing access points causing no disruption to Woolworths customers.

The end result is a “nu pipe” with in the old pipe.
No Mess, no chopping open, damage to structures!

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