Commercial Buildings

The pipe lining industry has two segments:

1. epoxy coating which focuses on pressurized systems
2. structural lining which focuses on non-pressurized systems

For commercial building owners and managers, this segregation of services can leave them wondering who to call. Since Nu Flow has both pipe lining technologies under one roof, clients can call and talk through their issues knowing that Nu Flow has the product to solve their pipe problem. Armed with patented-protected technologies on both the epoxy coating for pressurized pipes and the structural liners, many have tried to copy but rarely live up to Nu Flow’s dominate position in the market. Epoxy Coating Specialist – With over 7000 research hours from the US Naval Research Lab and 30 years experience with epoxy coating application in the pipe, including a large portion US Naval Fleet, Nu Flow is the industry leader in epoxy coatings. In 1984, the mission for the US Naval Research Lab was to design the best epoxy product and process that would last the longest once in the pipe.

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