Hillfox Shopping Centre

Relining pipes at Hillfox Shopping Centre

Hillfox Shopping Centre, Weltevreeden Park, Johannesburg

50mm galvanized fire line running under the passageway in front of the Liquor City store

The pipe runs under the concrete passageway in front of the store and inside part of the shops wall

The pipe was leaking causing water damage to the passage way in front of the store.  The Centers management did not want to replace the leaking section of pipe due to the disturbance to the center. They did not want to disturb their customers  nor effect the Liquor City’s business.

Nu Flow relined the fire line using Nu Flow’s epoxy coating technology.
Compressor hoses are connected to the pipe network.
An abrading agent is blasted through the pipes to remove all dirt and scale build up returning the pipes to their full original diameter.

The epoxy is then air blasted through the pipe network coating the inside and sealing all leaks.
The result is a re-nued pipe, sealed from the inside.

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