Home on Link Road

Nu Flow relined Home on Link Road, Athol

Home on Link Road, Athol

The home owner had water leaks in 2 of the 5 bathrooms in the double story home. He did not want to have the pipe replaced because the leaks were in pipes which run within the roof slab.

A pipe replacement would involve chopping open the roof slab, replacing the leaking pipes, patching up the damage and repainting the roof. He turned to Nu Flow for a less invasive, quicker solution.

Nu Flow relined the 2 bathrooms using Nu Flows epoxy coating technology approved for potable water pipes thereby causing no damage to the house.

Compressor hoses are connected to the pipe network.
An abrading agent is blasted through the pipes to remove all dirt and scale build up returning the pipes to their full original diameter.
The epoxy is then air blasted through the pipe network coating the inside and sealing all leaks.

No damage to structures, no mess, no disturbance!
The end result is a new pipe with in the original pipe.

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