Relining floor drains at Nestle



The Nestle factory called Nu Flow to CCTV camera inspect 10 floor drains feeding into a 110mm pipe network under the factory floor.

The camera inspection revealed that the bottom of the 110mm pipes was completely eaten away from chemicals been washed down the pipes from Nestle’s production process.

Nestle could not easily have the pipes replaced as they run under the factories floor. A pipe replacement would require temporarily closing sections of the factory, moving large bulky equipment, chopping open the epoxy coated floors, replacing the pipe and then patching up the damage thereafter.

The greatest issue with a pipe replacement is the loss of production time while sections of the factory would be closed.

This was simply not an option. Nestle turned to Nu Flow for a faster, less disruptive solution.

Nu Flow relined 100 meters of 110mm pipe at Nestle using structural liners impregnated with Nu Flow’s high temperature epoxy which is highly chemical resistant and suited for these types of industrial applications.

How it works:
The pipes were first cleaned using high pressure jetting.

Once the pipes are clean, an epoxy saturated liner is pulled into the pipe.

Within the liner is an inflatable bladder.
When the liner is in the correct position the bladder is inflated and left inflated until the epoxy has cured.

Once the epoxy has hardened the bladder is removed leaving behind a “nu pipe” within the host pipe.

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