“Nu Pipes” for the Eye Institute


The old galvanised water piping system within the Eye Institute was corroded and leaking in sections. The corrosion gave the water a rusted colour.

The Eye Institute did not want to have the pipes replaced as they run within the buildings walls and ceilings. Replacing the pipes would take weeks and cause major disruptions to the facilities’ day to day operations.

The Eye Institute turned to Nu Flow for a faster, less disruptive alternative.

Nu Flow relined all the galvanised pipes in the building using Nu Flow’s blow-in-place epoxy coating technology.

How it works:
All taps and valves are removed from the pipeline. Compressor hoses are then connected to all these points. An abrading agent is then air blasted through the pipe to clean the pipes and remove any scale build up.
Once the pipes are cleaned and returned to their full diameter, Nu Flow’s patented red epoxy, certified for potable drinking water, is air blasted through the pipeline coating the inside of the pipe and sealing all leaks.

Once the epoxy has cured, all taps and valves are put back and the pipeline can be used again.

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