- Pipe relining at the speed of light -


Helen Joseph Hospital (a public hospital based in Auckland Park, Johannesburg,) opened its doors back in 1967. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Witwatersrand’s Medical School and responsible for the teaching of healthcare workers and providing tertiary health services the Johannesburg community. It has two admission wards, nine medical wards, four surgical wards, two orthopedic wards, a psychiatric unit, ICU unit and a high-care unit. It has eleven functioning operating units.

Nu-Flow was contracted to conduct a CCTV Inspection on the earthware sewer lines in the main kitchen of the hospital, followed a series of constant blockages.

Nu Flow conducted a CCTV Pipeline inspection survey and the following was observed; Due to the age of the earthware sewer pipeline system and the amount of wastewater created from the Hospital Kitchen, approximately 80m of pipeline was defective.

Defects included:

  • Pipeline displacement (bad joints)
  • Holes in the pipeline
  • Cracked pipelines
  • Sever back-falls
  • Completely broken fittings and missing sections of pipe
  • Redundant junctions

Replacing the pipeline was completely out of the question as the pipeline ran from the main kitchen in the hospital under the hallways and underground parking though the back area of hospital down to the main sewer system. The kitchen would have been closed down, which is an impossibility, as the main kitchen is used to feed all the patients (the hospital runs at a 80% to 90% capacity rate at all times,) the nursing staff, the students and the doctors everyday morning and night.
The only option was to reline the pipeline and as quickly as possible.

Nu Flow’s unique technology was the most cost-effective solution in this situation. Using a specialised jetting machine, a micro-cutter cleaning machine and purpose designed cleaning heads, Nu Flow technicians cleaned the inside of the damage pipeline returning it to an original diameter. Nu Flow proceeded to reline and seal the pipeline.

A combination of systems where used, the UV lining system for the long distances and the Nu Flow epoxy lining system for the shorter sections.

The lining process was a complete success and the project was completed in 3 days with no down time.

NO mixing resins on site! 

NO risk of under-cured liners! 

Endless working time!