The World’s Premier Solution for  Mechanical Pipe Repair System Rehabilitation

Nu Flow has the unique ability to fix both pressurized piping systems and non-pressurized piping systems using existing access points, Nu Flow offers the most viable and least disruptive option for pipe repair, pipe renewal & trenchless sewer repair. We also provide the least disruptive trenchless pipelining & CIPP lining solutions.

CIPP is an environmentally friendly solution


Nu Flow (Pty) Ltd specialises in the following services:

A CCTV camera inspection is the first step to solving drain pipe problems!

Our jetting machines will flush out all standard blockages and completely clean your system.

 Nu Flows’ unique non-disruptive solution is the answer to all you pipeline systems.


  • Commercial  Buildings
  • Industrial Building
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Hotels, Resorts & Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & Schools
  • Retirement & Nursing Facilities
  • Fire Suppression
  • Historical Buildings
  • Class A High Rise Buildings
  • Multi-Tenant / Family Buildings
  • Flats and Townhouses
  • Domestic / Single Family Homes

Case Studies

The National Prosecuting Authority

Nu Flow and Mobile Leak Detection Services conducted a CCTV Pipeline inspection survey (approximately 16 meters of 100mm diameter pressure pipe) and …

Southern Sun - Elangeni & Maharani

Nu Flow were called to repair two 210mm steel chiller pipes which were leaking into the hotel…

SABMiller Brewery Namibia

The PVC piping could not withstand the high volumes of hot and acidic water during brewing process discharges and …


A CCTV camera inspection revealed that the bottom of the pipe was eaten away from the very acidic chemical waste…

Matla Power Station

The power plant (Eskom) upgraded the old chiller plant, however the 110mm galvanized chiller pipes…

Super Group - Fire Line

Nu Flow were called to investigate a 200mm fire line which was leaking…

Netcare Milpark Hospital

Milpark Hospital was experiencing constant blockages on one of there main sewer lines….