Nu Flow re-lines at The Towers, Paal

The Towers, Paarl, Western Cape

Nu FLow camera technicians inspected a line that had a 3cm by 3cm hole allowing water to escape through one of the storm water pipes into the slab of the building below. This caused massive leaks into the basement of this building causing disruption to the flow of traffic. Chopping this pipe out was not an option as the pipe was situated within a structural pillar for an 18 storey building and chopping open this pillar may compromise this buildings structural integrity.

Nu FLow used the Nu flow pull in place lining system to re-line this pipe without any damage to the pillars or walls. Nu FLow were able to inflate an epoxy liner over this hole creating pipe where there was no pipe before.

The end result is a new pipe with in the old pipe.
No Mess, no chopping open, damage to structures!

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